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CST for Loans is majority-owned by CST Holding, a group specialised in credit insurance third-party administration (TPA) since 1997 and present in several countries.1

CST for Loans has provided almost US$10 Million in small loans for individuals and companies across Lebanon since 2010.

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CST for Loans is your choice for lending needs when transitional bank lending is not possible for various reasons. We are quick to respond (48 to 72 hours generally) and most often require no collateral, mortgages, salary domiciliation or other forms of security from the borrower.  

At the same time, CST for Loans has strict selection criteria designed to avoid excessive debt burden on the borrower and protect the portfolio from credit default or payment delays.

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raja abdallah

saleh srour

rachel rached lattouf

rawad al rahbany

Raja is current General Manager of CST for Loans as well as a founding partner. He comes with a banking background including several years of credit operations and risk management. Raja is an engineer by training and early career; he is also a business and financial consultant to various companies in Lebanon and abroad. Raja holds and MBA and CFA certifications.
Graduated from "La Sagesse" university in 2000, holds a masters degree in law. Saleh previously worked for the "Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry". Saleh is in charge of all legal matters and issues, and assist the management in most duties, in addition to a close follow-up on unpaid and recoveries.
Graduated from “Institut supérieur des Etudes Commerciales (ISEC)” in Management and Marketing studies and holds a Bachelor degree from the “Université du Québec à Chicoutimi”. Rachel joined CST group in 2005 and have been involved in many positions. Rachel is the current selection and operation manager.
Graduated in business marketing from Pigier institute. Rawad built a large network of merchant dealing with CST for loans through its consumer loan product. Rawad is the sales manager with more than 12 years experience in the field.
our clients

We are a privately-funded lending institution operating in Lebanon since 2010, part of a larger group specialised in the credit business since 1997.

We provide consumer, personal and small-company loans up to US$10'000 and up to 4 years with no security, collateral or other forms of guarantee.

We are regulated by the Central Bank of Lebanon and abide by strict rules of ethics, governance, and lending..

While banks are competing for large retailers 
and middle and high income consumers, our aim is to target


Low income individuals and families


Blue collar workers, small businesses, armed forces personnel , 
self-employed and entrepreneurs


No real competition with banks and financial institutions

Clients are served by our network of small to medium-size merchants.